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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Olive (Ollie) Burke
Second Year

As Olive entered the arithmancy classroom, she was delighted to see the spooky decorations. Fall was defiantly her favorite time of year, and she loved when the castle got all dressed up for Halloween. “Good Afternoon, Professor.” She nodded and choose a seat at the front of the room. She prepared her supplies while scanning the board for instructions. She immediately began her work glancing up every now and then to make sure she had the correct numbers written down. Okay what was 5 times 3? 15 plus 2? Done. Next. 14 times thirty? Finished. Lastly, what was 20 plus fur? Easy: 24 times 2? With her work finished she set her quill down on the desk then flagged down Professor Robinson,“What exactly are we covering today?” she inquired, tilting her head to the side.

SPOILER!!: Ollie’s answers

1. 17
2. 420
3. 48

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