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It certainly would have been more helpful had he stayed to make sure the sleeping students actually awakened, and then he would have seen Atlas' confusion and been able to explain they were not actually done with class yet. But as it was, he was far more preoccupied now with observing his new beetle friend.

Though truth be told, he knew nothing about beetles. So when the remark was stated to take note if they were doing something specific to type of bug.... he had no idea. It was sitting there. With a leaf. Was that snacking? Was that beetle observing Evan as he observed it? Was it maybe napping? He wasn't even sure where to look for it's eyes to confirm if it was even awake. But he wrote it down anyways, jotting a quick Beetle - leaf observation. And he would have written more but...

His attention was otherwise drawn by a swarm of WASPS around him now. Which despite the fact he was usually fairly calm and collected, this did earn a small "ahhhh!" from him. Because calm or not, he wasn't particularly keen on being stung.

Had he or the beetle disturbed them? This was probably them saying Get off my lawn.

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