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Originally Posted by 2111jen View Post
Austin nodded. “Yes please. He wanted to see if she would make a good fit for him. Well, so far, she wasn’t pecking his eyes out so he guessed that was a good sign.
"Alright. Now what I'm going to do is unlock her cage and you can approach the cage slowly. She may not come to you right away and that's alright, she normally takes a bit to warm up to people. I have a few treats here if you would like to offer them to her at any point.. but just talk to her. See if she will come to you before trying to touch her or if she will come out of her cage." That was important. He didn't want a strange reaching into her cage and getting themselves nipped at. If needed he would take her out of the cage for Austin to get to know her.

Removes his wand from the holster on his wrist and magically unlocks the cage in front of them. Keeping a close eye on the owl whom was now watching them just as closely.
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