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No, one had her special blend. Hence why it was special. It was made just for her, created by Ullr and herself back when she was very small. And to this very day it was still the only tea that she truly tolerated above all else. With her focus one the list of apartments she wasn't currently aware of what Jer was doing or she may have been a bit surprised by it but all that much more in awe of him.

A smiled tugged at her lips and she leaned her head lightly against his when he joined her. "Mm, okay so if we stick to somewhere around there that would make the most sense." While she knew he was trying to make this about her, she was also trying to make this about him. This move was major and while it was indeed an adventure, it was also a huge step towards both of their futures. "They said Barcelona." So not incredibly far away like most everyone else.

Qets turned her head a little, her eyes shinning at the mention of a skatepark. "I may have already looked into that a little bit? Ignacio Echevarrķa Skateboard Rink.. I'm not entirely sure how close that is to.." she waved her hand at the list, "any of this though but it shouldn't be too difficult to find that out." Or where any other really good skateparks were located for that matter.

"Maybe we'll get really lucky and we can find something relatively close to both." Now that would be perfect.
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