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The tiny seventh year ... er.. second year (Lisa) as he was now being informed kept talking and Pabu ended up just STARING at her. Baffled by the fact she was a second year but used phrases such as his mother or grandmother might have used. Though... in his grandmother's case, it probably would have been said in Greek and sounded MUCH cooler. He didn't listen super intently to her, but he did catch the knowledge is power and blinked. "You're a Ravenclaw, aren't you." It was not really a question. The diva-ness did not escape him and he had to resist the urge to roll his eyes. He was playing HOST which meant he did need to at least pretend to be polite until he found who would be best to befriend. The Clarke siblings he already liked, and his dorm mates were okay too - but there was a LOT of new faces here as well. And ones that would be around for probably the next six, if not seven, years. So politeness. "Hi Lisa. I'm Pablo Leventis. Pabu."

He was not a lion. He was a fire ferret.

And he was a very PLEASED fire ferret. Because while he did have to be polite, that didn't mean he couldn't stir the POT which was what his intention had been previously. And oh ho HO, could it have not gone any BETTER. He watched the seventh second year's reaction, He wasn't paying attention to see how REALLY upset Lisa was, just secretly pleased he'd been able to get any type of reaction from anyone at all. He scooched to reaaaaach out from his seat and grab a cookie, nomming on it slightly while he watched to see the other's reactions.

Attention briefly shifted back to Lydia, a smile on his face and a genuine one since he'd already decided he was fond of her and her siblings. Plus Niko seemed especially fond of her not like the second years, he didn't think so that EXTRA meant she'd get the ... nicER side of him. Plus, he also thought she ended up in the coolest house, so props to her on that as well. "Which... there's a good turn out already!" Which was their and Niko's doing, which was wicked cool. And they'd gotten OLDER kids to show up!!! Maybe they had party planning in their future. Hearing the comment about his name tag, Pabu glanced down to read his name - and because of the angle HE was looking from, it certainly appeared correct to him. "Is it crooked?" Really, it looked just fine to him.

It did not occur to him that looking right from looking DOWN at it meant it was WRONG for everyone else.

WAIT. DID MATTY JUST TURN PINK TOO????? About the older boy??? Pabu was now scrutinizing him, not out of anything other than curiosity. What was it about him that made him apparent crush material??? Because apparently his little brain just assumed anyone who smiled like that or blushed had to be into him, right? But his attention was soon captured again by the fact he was being called talented, and he couldn't help a slightly confident smirk stretch across his face. "Thanks!" He spent majority of his time around boats, or replicating boats however he could so it did only come from a lot of practice, but he certainly liked the compliment nonetheless. "I can teach you sometime in the common room too if you want."

Another arrival, and another Gryffindor at that too. Pablo sent a wave Nicole's direction as she made her appearance. "Hey! Glad you could make it." She also posed a very good question, and he looked at the pile of nametags Lydia had supplied to see if they were at risk of running out for the humans. But seeming that they had an ample amount and were in no risk of shortage, he nodded. "I would. But it's up to you on if you want to! It's your lizard, after all." Besides, what if it didn't like adhesive? Or the name tag was too big for it?

More compliments?? Zoe got another grin then as well, because he certainly liked hearing nice things about himself. Plus, he agreed - he also liked his name. "Thanks! It's technically Pablo but... I like the sound of Pabu better." Though not all of his family seemed to agree on that. They were at least nice enough to leave him be and let him do introductions however he wanted. It was his name after all. "Hufflepuff?" He was still glad he'd not been placed there. Sounded boring. And like a disease. "What's your common room like?" That at least seemed a safe question about it.

Two additional stragglers started to approach, one giving a loud hello. Pablo went ahead and gave a wave back, "Hi! Welcome Jackson and Jonah!" He said it for both, even if it was only one of them that had spoken. "There are name tags over there if you want," he pointed to indicate that spot, "and some snacks too." Another point over towards the sheet, where most people had kind of lazed around now in order to grab cookies. So far, they were still decent on amount but he was still fine with going and getting more too if need be. "I'm Pabu. First year Gryffindor." Adding that was almost an afterthought, as he was now counting the heads and finding they currently had 13. That was a decent number, because he didn't have to play the icebreaker OR he could if even more stragglers appeared.

So time to get started then, he supposed.

Leaving his boat, he pushed himself off the ground and moved a bit away from the rest of them - facing them, but also making it easier to address The Group while raising his voice. "Glad you could all make it! The point of this was for us to all get to know each other since we'll have sev-er, six years at the least together." He amended it last second as he certainly was hoping the second years would now participate as well. "So to make it easier for us all to ~mingle~ I've got a couple games we can play. I'd love to say participation is not required but uh... we need groups of three so if someone wants to sit out it might make it unfun for like two other people." Guilt, always the way to go.

He glanced around at all the faces again, before starting. "So we have two games, but the first game is how you'll locate your group for the second. Game number 1 is called Three's a Crowd. And the goal is to find TWO other people who have a similar interest as yours. So like... I like sailing, if there were two other people who had an interest as well then we could be a group of three and we're free to just get to know each other until everyone else is matched." Easy enough, right? "If you have siblings here, try to find two other people who you aren't related to so you get to know two new people! But it's okay if you only have something in common with your siblings." He glanced around to see if anyone looked puzzled or had any questions. Since there was 13 of them currently, he'd just walk around and ask questions and what not.

"Unless there are any questions, we'll go ahead and get started! Go ahead and start mingling and asking questions and figure out common ground with your peers! Let me know once you're all grouped so we can move on to the next game!" Which should be even more fun and comical for them to watch.

ooc: Anyone is still welcome to jump in too if they want! IT is not at all too late :3 Sorry if any of Pabu's instructions are confusing, feel free to have your character ask him or you can poke me in VMs for any clarification! Thanks for playing so far!! Super excited to get to meet all these new babies and get to know more about the second years!!!

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