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Aries Flamsteed felt so out of his depth right now. He and Atlas were supposed to be one - two halves that made a whole, but right now it was like looking at a stranger. And it made him feel so guilty. Because how did he not notice? How did he not know what was happening? Or why Atlas had insisted to go with him?

What in the merlin’s name actually happened in History of Magic? - and he was able to deduce something had happened because the last time Atlas looked remotely close to how he was now was during the war.

As his brother rolled away from the seat, Aries moved swiftly - crouching beside him and holding his helpless gaze. The stench not bothering him at all, not when Atlas looked like that. Placing his hands firmly on his shoulders, Aries refused to even blink as he stared back into Atlas’ familiar eyes --“Breathe” he simply said. “Breathe”

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