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Once out of the classroom, Aries had felt so much better - more than he had in the last hour or so - maybe it was the fresh air, maybe it was the fact that he didn't have to deal with History of Magic anymore - at least not until Friday -- but maybe he could convince Atlas to deal with that as well. Times like these were perfect to use this twin thing they had going on.

This and more had been going on in his head - so much so that he naturally didn't notice what was going with his brother, that was until he barged in the loo - like he had TO REALLY REALLY GO. "Geez, Atlas - I thought you already went earlier --- "

Only it wasn't really about that.



Alert, and more awake than he had been the entire term - he reached the door and knocked on it hard, "Atlas? Atlas, are you okay?"

And then there was that gut-wrenching sob.

"Atlas, open the door!"

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