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Atlas wasn't sure how he had made it as far as he had with his disfigured fish-eye lens vision, shaky knees, and a tingle in his feet that reached all the way to the tips of his toes. His hands, fingers, may as well have been flutterby shrubs the way they were trembling and the bile that rose up in his throat and was swallowed back had his stomach churning in the worse than the time he and Aries had eaten their weight in licorice wands. That eating contest had landed them both with a trip to the healer and two exasperated parents. Atlas did not want to see a healer right now. He did not want to see anyone. He could...see...feel everyone else just fine without them being present. The eyes of his peers still bore into his skin and the only thing that drowned out the echoes of betray, traitor, and wrong side was the blood pounding in his ears and heart thudding in his chest.

Pushing past his brother as he dipped into the loo first, Atlas practically launched himself into one of the stalls and didn't quite get the lid flipped up before he was hurling up what was definitely not licorice wands. Breathing felt Herculean and his fingers so taught as they clenched it was a wonder they had not snapped right off. Heaving a heavy breath, a gasp and gulp of air, Atlas let out an uncontrollable sob - one that he had been holding back...well...since Headmaster Trent's face had melted away to reveal the harbinger of dread: Lucien Rosier.

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