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Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
Yeah it is pretty big. I still find new places all the time… apparently there are hundreds of secret rooms and passageways.” Remy wanted to find them so much. It would make her feel like such a main character to get up to mischief like that.

Remy caught the wink and she felt herself blush a little, because she knew who Ollie was referring to. Her letters had contained much information about such things, but talking about them in person felt a little embarrassing. “I just spent most of my time at the Diagon Alley celebration,” she said with a shrug of her shoulders. “Did you go to that in the end?” Remy knew that she had a bit of a lame summer on account of her dad being his usual jerk self.

Using her fingers to count all the people she hung out with, Remy started, “i went with my sister most days… Me and Lisa went to watch a magical creature meet and greet… I got lots of curly fries with… I can’t remember her name.” She’d met a new person from Slytherin who was related to Scarlett Mordaunt.

Aaaaand… well, I hung out with my friend Atlas, too.” she shrugged again, blushed, and couldn’t help but smile as well.
Some of the small passages and spaces she found came to Ollie’s thoughts. She would have to bring Remy to them to see… and Remy would have to show Ollie any that she found too. Hopefully, Remy would want to show her and she wouldn’t have to ask. They should be good enough friends for that, right?

She couldn’t help but feeling a bit left out when her friend brought up the celebration. She felt her face drop a bit and hoped Remy didn’t notice. “That sounds like a lot of fun. But, no I didn’t get to go.” But She shouldn’t be surprised. Ollie explained everything in her letters about the fight with her dad. Then she was distracted by the mention of curly fries. She heard her stomach growl and her eyes widened. “Oh my.. I’m so sorry.” She felt a tad embarrassed. “Those curly fries just looked so good in my mind.” She chuckled.

Ahh. So had Remy just admitted that they were just friends? She thought from their letters perhaps they were something more. But from Remy’s blush and emphasis on the word friend she figured they weren’t. Ollie leaned over and nudged her with her shoulder. “Lots of hanging out, huh?” She taunted and laughed.
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