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Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
"Wouldn't be the first time I've heard that" he said, completely missing the point of what she meant with inhuman. His sense of morality had been questioned a couple of times over the years though. Not only at home but also in school. But he couldn't be that bad if Lisa Nam considered him a friend, right? Then again wasn't she friends with EVERYONE?

Daniel had been prepared for this. And no, he didn't want to learn this spell because he wanted to learn how to dance. That was silly. He wanted to have a good charm at the ready that could humiliate people in public if they annoyed him. "I just think that the Ministry should change the bylaw for underage kids like me so that we can still practice magic during the summers" AKA he had no patience. "It's time for a bit of change after over 200 years don't you think?"

Oh right, the spell. He had gotten sidetracked for a moment but nodded his head to show Claudine that he was ready. "The incantation is Ta..." he frowned. "Tarantulle-no Tarantallegra and I don't think the inventor is known, right?" was that a trick question?

This sassy Hufflepuff… if he carried on Claudine would be quite tempted to cast Langlock on him. She amused herself a bit by picturing it. Was this how Severus Snape felt t times when he encountered insufferable know-it-alls? “Um… no.” Claudine came out of her daydream to eye Daniel sternly. “Kids like you are the reason we need that ‘of age’ law. I’m quite sure that you’d get overly excited using your magic out of Hogwarts. Who knows what accidental mayhem you’ll cause.” But she did feel his frustration, having felt it herself before. “You’ll get there one day. Patience is key.” He was a Hufflepuff, after all, and it was a trait Puff valued.

“That’s right,’’ the Slytherin replied, bobbing her head. She grinned a bit. “The inventor isn’t important but the wand movement is.” Listen, even she did not know who came up with such a spell. “Just remember that the spell works on both animate and inanimate objects.” The dragon heartstring wand was raised. “The movement is…” There came a demonstration. And another, and another. “It’s like a pair of feet dancing. Do you need me to draw it on a piece of parchment if that’ll help further?”
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