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5. Know Me by Moonlight Social
Dedicated to Lucas Amstern, character property of AlwaysSnapesGirl

We, we used to laugh at everything and nothing
God, I want that back, but
You, you move
You move through me, I'm a ghost in your room

It was weird watching him pack for school, something she’d taken the time to try to do often. She wished Lucas was going to stay home for the next term too. She was concerned how he’d do at Hogwarts. But she'd also miss him.

He was very firm though; her path was not his own.

All she could do was watch him get ready to leave. Try to not start any additional fights. But considering her personality, every time she opened her mouth it resulted in just that: Arguments.

So she was left missing her brother, before he’d even gone.

We all shine on, like moon and the stars and the sun. We all shine.
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