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It was true. Kamran had it out for Cambridge, was here to thwart her in every quest for happiness. Really just the worst, but at least he was self-aware, and didn't seem to think he just wanted her to thrive at school like all the others. Imagine.

As students and staff passed on their way in, Kamran nodded at each in greeting, addressing those who also addressed him directly by name - managing to remember one quick glance bracelet-wards to ensure he had the right of it today; it was becoming more of an ingrained habit now - and general hellos and good afternoons for everyone else. Turnout was good, better than Kamran had expected, and better yet, nobody who seemed likely to royally stir up the others. Always a plus, especially with the board here; he'd allow himself a little guilt for thinking it later, when all was done and dusted.

Definitely no guilt yet, if the rest of the Board were likely to be just as on the touchy side as the Chairman. If he didn't think it would ruffle far too many feathers, Kamran would have pointed out these kids had a lot of cause for doubt. But a lot of them were still learning about the wisdom of choosing words carefully and picking their battles, and this was one of those times it was better to lead by example. Hypocrisy did have its place, just not today.

"I'll join you at the lake," Kamran said to June, having heard her speak up from nearby, and acknowledging her now with a nod. Maybe he'd thwarted the plans of James and Cambridge in the process - unknowingly, this time - but what's a killjoy to do? Kamran levitated a bunch of newly donated plants as well, and paused to see which of the students seemed likely to stick with him and June. The Board members caught his eye once more; no doubt they'd follow as well. "Let's get moving."

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