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Eden let Quinn hold her hand, even though she did not like it very much. She gave herself a mental pat on the back for being such a thoughtful friend. Take that, Atlas.

Anyway, Quinn did not disappoint in his assessment. "Very shady. I agree," she whispered back, grabbing exactly one flower pot. She wasn't trying to win any awards for helpfulness here. "They're pretentious old pot-stirrers, I can already tell."

She nodded at Quinn's favorite Flamsteed to be polite. "Hey, Flamsteed." How the heck it was third year and they still hadn't interacted much was mind boggling - but then again, Eden had been told she was difficult to approach.

Her jaw clenched when Flamsteed suggested they (yep, package deal now, sorry, joint custody of one Quinn Kingsley and all that) go with his aunt. Not out of dislike for the professor, of course, but because it looked like Kinsay James was heading her way, too.

"Maybe we should go with the Headmaster," she whispered to both of them. "If anything is going to happen, it'll probably be in his group." Really, that wasn't something she could possibly know - but she didn't want to spend the day dirty AND looking at the Worst Gryffindors.

But...she knew she probably would, because Quinn loved Professor Flamsteed and Atlas had already voiced his desires. And the argument that the drama would happen in Trent's group was likely exactly the wrong one to make. So she'd probably be outvoted. Maybe that was okay - the governors weren't the only ones she needed to gather intrigue on. Mhm.
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