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Kins was here!! She just... lost track of time because sometimes moping around did that to a person. Things with Matty were still terrible and it was taking all of her brainspace these days... Which is why she was kind of looking forward to the beautification project. Maybe it'd help take her mind off of all the awful things.

So, of course, when she walked over to the big crowd, she made a beeline for Emm (and Mamie, Ivy, and Lisa). She offered a small smile to each of them, before reaching for Emm's hand. "What about Professor Flamsteed?" Because Emm didn't want to go with Kazmi and Kiz did NOT want to go with the Headmaster. So Professor Flamsteed seemed like the best choice and Kizzy liked her, which also helped.

Also? These governor people were making Kiz feel kind of uneasy.
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