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SPOILER!!: Kolyander

Taking a few more steps forward and bending down, Colwyn carefully began to arrange the items in arms onto the shelf before once more raising to his feet. "Sorry about that. A man's work is never done around the shop," he chuckled lightly rejoining Austin to have a look at the owl in question. Blue eyes took in the gorgeous owl in the cage before him and he smiled. "This is a young female Barking Owl given that name due to the different range of calls that they can make." She was a lovely owl in deed and very sweet too.

Austin nodded. How would he ask? He laughed to himself. After seven years of being at Hogwarts and learning how to actually talk to people, he would be good at it. Ha. No.
"I'd like to adopt her," he said. "What else would I need to take care of her?" Well, he means obviously there's more then just a cage and owl food.
Colwyn smiled when Austin said that he wanted to adopt her. She was a gorgeous young owl so it really didn't surprise him that she would find a home so quickly. "Would you like to meet her before making that final decision? See how the two of you get along? Now I do offer training sessions free of charge should you bring her home and decide that you would like to teach her a few things but aren't quite sure where to begin with that." The bond between an owl and their person was very important. He didn't want to just send the young man home with an owl that didn't trust him at all.
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