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Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
First owl exam complete (totally healthy!), Mia shooed the bird away gently and held out a treat for the next bird. She stroked its head gently, not looking up when she heard someone come in. At the sound of her name, though, she did look. "Oh, hi, Norman," she said with a quiet smile. "Don't mind me, I'm just checking up on the school owls. Making sure they're happy...and, you know, in good mail-delivery condition."

The sheer number of school (and student) owls up here meant she would be here for quite some time, too. She might run out of owl treats. "Are you mailing a letter? Or just visiting?" Not that it was any of her business, mind you, but it would be good to know if Norman was the kind of person who just visited the owlery for fun. Like she did, sometimes.
Norman stood back, observing Mia’s interactions with the owls. If there was one thing he’d learned in life, it was that you could learn all you need to know about a person by observation. A slight smile formed on his lips as she spoke. “Kind of you to do so,” he replied. “No problems with the owls, I hope.” He glanced at the bird that Mia offered a treat. It didn’t look unhealthy from what he could see, but he wasn’t an expert in such matters.

He considered Mia’s question for a moment. “A little of both, actually,” he said. “I came to mail a letter to my daughter, but what’s the harm in visiting the owls while I’m here?” Aquamarine eyes flicked toward Athena on her perch, and as if on cue, the white-faced owl flew across the room to perch on his shoulder. “This is Athena,” he said, indicating the owl. To the owl, he whispered, “Say hi.”

But Athena had no interest in pleasantries. Instead she nipped at a lock of Norman’s hair as if to say, Treats! Now! Norman chuckled softly, reaching into his pocket for a handful of owl treats. “If you run out of treats for the owls, you’re welcome to use some of Athena’s,” he said. His eyes darted to the owl now greedily gobbling treats out of his hand, and he added, “if she doesn’t eat them all first!”
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