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Was he... did he... really mean that???! Evan blinked a bit at Jude, before another smile stretched on his face and he nodded eagerly. "Actually if you really wouldn't mind, that'd be great! I'm really curious of what the wizarding music sounds like too." And mainly what the main differences would be between the different types - was it as start of a contrast as say... country to rock? At the question, he paused going through the lyrics in his head, bobbing slightly as he hummed it softly to himself to confirm. "Yes, that's the one." Hadn't heard the original? "I'll ask my Appa to send his album. He's a Beatles fan, but frankly... I liked the movie cover better." Which he had that as well back at home, however that one would have to wait until after break since he didn't want his father sneaking around in there.

He always wondered if it was weird to attend your parents Alma Mater but end up in different houses from where your parents had been. Maybe disappointing? Or maybe a relief? The way Jude spoke it sounded like... it just was what it was and there was no other particular thought to it. However, then there was situation's such as Ollie's where her dad wasn't speaking to her over the difference. "Are you relieved you kind of went off your own way or... don't really mind either way? I had been disappointed at first I wasn't Gryffindor." The statement was said with humor now, because honestly the idea of him as a lion was laughable. Truthfully, none of the other houses really would have fit him.

"Lisa is definitely accepting of all. Maya too, she's just quieter about it." He wanted to get to know the girls better too? Evan appreciated that sentiment as well, Lisa liked making friends whenever she could and Maya... well... "You should. I think you'd particularly get along with Mai." Which he did think was true, as they were the same house and all. But it'd also be nice to know Maya had more people she spent time with too. It was another way in which his overprotectiveness was rearing it's head a bit. "Well, I'll have to make sure then I have Pads too whenever I meet her." Which would probably be easy, as he was fully expecting to spend the majority of his free time with kitten in tow as well.

Transfiguring nails could end up being either a really nice present for someone, or a good prank depending upon the targets personality type. He made mental note, because while she'd probably like it... it might be fun to confuse Lisa for a bit by doing so. At the thanks, he smiled and gave another small nod of his head. "You're welcome." He doubted his opinion mattered very much, but if he'd been successful at all in being able to ease the other boy's fears about it - then he was certainly glad to have been able to do so. "What's your favorite color? Either in general or for your nails?"

He'd like to think at least the need to take up Jude on his offer would be unnecessary, but the more he thought about the previous term and all of Pascal's escape operations, it might come in handy to have someone to ask for help later too. Bookworm was probably in the dictionary next to Evan Nam, so being called as such did make him laugh. "Guilty." And not that worried about it.

Why did he assume it would be terrible? "Trent is the first class. It really could go either way depending on what the lesson is going to be." Besides, his favorite Professor was gone - a few others had moved on as well and he was fairly nervous to see how the new classes were going to go. Catching the pause between the two syllables of his name, he clarified, "You can call me Ev too, it's okay."

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