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Despite the fact his words had been meant as a joke, he still found himself actually eying the flowers suspiciously. Perhaps more beautification WAS another attempting at manipulating the students, though realistically he supposed they were just trying to create changes around the castle - and getting the students involved was a way for them to 'reclaim' the sense of safety and belonging they'd once had. Or maybe really they just all wanted something to look at. As Quinn approached and offered greetings, Evan turned his head to smile at his housemate and give a nod in greeting. Quinn was not someone he knew a lot about, but they certainly seemed nice. "Hi Quinn, how are you?" He certainly didn't disagree on normal flowers. But... "Can anything really be regular here?" Another attempt at a jest, but he opted to keep the darker 'or non-harmful' to himself.

Evan could see from the corner of his eye more people entering, and his head turned more so when he noticed Mamie among them and he gave a small wave in hello. He could see her look, almost apologetic in nature but... he didn't think she had anything to be sorry to him about. And while he certainly would have loved to see her and Ash friendly again, he wasn't so sure his getting involved was a good idea after his attempt at conversation with Ash on it. There was just too much he didn't understand and he certainly didn't want to do more harm than good. He made mental note however to find Mamie later and catch up with her.

Attention turning back towards the flowers, and attempting to establish if there were any he recognized, Ev didn't pay much more attention to any of the others entering unless he happened to hear greetings, which always received at least a polite hello. But then the loud energetic voice of his sister caught his attention, and Evan looked her direction. "Hi Li-" she was already moving on though, and his greeting trailed off because he caught her words. Needed to talk to him? Privately? Was she INJURED? Worried eyes followed her, as she had moved on too fast for him to even question. But considering she had said privately, he didn't think it was appropriate to go after her and question with Emmerson, Mamie and Ivy right there. So instead he just stared. The worry still quite prominent as he was squinting to assess whether or not there were any visible injuries that he could see.

So far, nothing to note.

With a soft sigh, he turned his attention back to his closer peers, noticing a Flamsteed had now joined the group as well. He was pretty sure Atlas was the one on friendly terms with Quinn, so he would hazard a guess that that was who was currently present. "Hi Atlas." He was going to comment that he was probably right on that count - this being an attempt at retribution, when a Board member piped up there was no need for that. But were they.... serious? They sent them Poppy who had seemed highly unqualified to help with trauma when she actually just managed to mask it until making it WORSE? She almost ruined the one thing they'd all had to look forward to all term while they were dealing with their demons. Was the Board not even willing to admit they'd made a mistake?

And the way they said it... it was so ominous sounding and Evan's eyes shot questioningly towards Trent to see his reaction. Were they insinuating it was Trent and the Professors? Sure, they hadn't been perfect. But he would much prefer the known Headmaster to someone new. It was hard enough adjusting to the new Professors, but for them to then replace Trent as well?? And right after they'd already shown they were terrible at checking resumes? Hard pass. Which he supposed meant they'd all have to be on their best behavior, make Trent and the others look good.

So when the Headmaster got the task underway, Evan followed without hesitation - choosing to use his wand to levitate three of the plants (he didn't want to risk more on the off chance he messed up) and readied himself to follow after the Headmaster. He was not really the pack sort, and had no ill will towards anyone who had thus far shown up so he didn't feel the need to coordinate with anyone specifically on where they were planning to go.

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