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Ash nodded at Claudine. “Pretty.” But she wouldn’t be letting the flowers anywhere near her dorm, because she didn’t trust the board. She lowered her voice so that only Evan, Quinn, and Claudine could hear. Honestly, they could totally have calming draughts in them or worse.” After all, the board hired Healer Poppy, and they were apparently not competent enough to stop Rosier from taking over the school. She didn’t really ‘trust’ or ‘respect’ them. As she looked up to see who else was in her group, she noticed Mamie standing by Cambridge. Of course. It all made perfect sense. Her ex-best friend had chosen Cambridge over her a long time ago. Ash didn’t know why it still hurt. She caught Mamie’s eye, then blinked and looked away. She ended up looking straight at Atlas, who didn’t like her. Eh. He was better than Mamie. Anything was better than Mamie. She nodded at him, mouthing the words I agree. The board DID need to redeem themselves. Whether they believed that or not. They had quite the high opinion of themselves, considering that everything they had done was either stupid or malicious. A board is like a commitee. They pretend to be helpful.” That quiet comment was whispered in the ear of V. She tried very hard to avoid drawing the boards attention, lest they replace Trent(who she hated) with another Rosier type(which would obviously be worse). Where should they go? Preferably not with Cambridge. DEFINITELY not with the chairman. She didn’t know how quiet she could keep her feelings on the board, so it was best to avoid them completely.
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