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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Lia nodded her head in agreement. "I wouldn't have left anything behind if no one was around at all to at least check-in on things here." What she planted, she cared about and she didn't just want to leave it behind to die. She followed her friends gaze over to the cat and smiled. "Aaww, hello there." Such a cute little cat!

"Great if you change your mind feel free to use whatever you like. I brought these from home.. I already planted them and got them growing a bit so all they need is to be moved from the containers to my plot." Some were tiny and barely sprouting at all while others had leaves and roots all over the place and others were starting to bloom. "The containers are labeled too."

She used her fingers to start digging a small hole in the dirt big enough for one of the plants.
”You’re very careful with your plants.” She smiled. It was a weird thought because why would anyone ever think this, but it came to Ollie’s mind and she couldn’t really help it. She couldn’t help but think about the fact that Dahlia would make a really good mom. As soon as it came to her mind, she had a shiver go through her body. Why would she think that? That is so weird! But she would… that’s if she wanted children. Ollie wasn’t sure she did, so maybe Dahila didn’t either. But she wouldn’t bring it up because that was super weird and she might make her friend not want to hang out with her anymore. Maybe she would ask about her family. That wouldn’t be weird would it? “Don’t you have siblings? I think you mentioned a brother once or twice.” She hoped she was remembering the details correctly. She definitely could have mixed up who said they have a sibling and who didn’t.

She grabbed one of the small containers. Carefully, she scooped her hand into the side of the container making sure to not rip any roots. She cupped the plant in her hand, pulling it out and tossing the empty container to the side. Then she set the plant into the hole Lia had just dug out. “There ya go.” She said mainly to the plant but to Dahlia as well.

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