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Truth be told, Atlas was probably the last person you would want to have on your team for any gardening project. It was never on purpose, he was not cruel and had it out for all flora, but his version of a green thumb was more of a gangrene. In Herbology, unless someone was literally holding his hand through the process, he tended to rip stems and leaves which then left just a clump of roots with dirt falling off it it. Then there was the time he packed the soil in too tight and ... well ... let's just say that his marks in class fluctuated a fair bit.

But...he was here...ready to show some school spirit or at least give off the illusion that he was.

But if he was going to survive this and not demolish flowers, he was going to need he made a beeline over that way after greeting the headmaster and Flying professor with small hurried waves. " me not make an idiot of myself?" he whispered to his friend with a small nudge. He offered very small, and fleeting, smiles to the other students Quinn had stood by (Claudine, Evan, and Ashley) and then looked back at the flowers... suspicious. "Suppose this is the Board's attempt at redemption..." Since they had force the presence of Healer Poppy upon them and all the bread and then NEW candles.

New candles and flowers...all meant to create a new ambiance at Hogwarts. Was anyone else on edge about this? Atlas sure was.

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