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Lisa had seen the note on the Ravenclaw notice board and she simply just had to head down here to investigate the “beautification” work that the notice had mentioned. As long as there is no bread or candles involved in the beautification than she was in. “Hello Headmaster! Hi Professors! Hi,” she waved to the adults, readjusting her bouncing as she had almost ran into Professor Holden. “Sorry!!” OOPS! She then nodded to his suggestion and then turned to her fellow students.


There were TWO groups already forming… WHO TO STAND NEXT TO?!?

She found it SAD to see Ash and Mamie still weren’t friends or standing next to each other. “Hi!” she greeted both groups before skipping past her brother and saying, “Hiiiii I need to talk to you after this. Privately. Mhmm.” And then she she joined Ivy, Mamie, and Emmerson to help balance out the groups. “Hi Pan!” Oh. If ONLY Evan was STANDING HERE…. NEXT TO IVY. SHE LET OUT A LOUD SIGH. Then her and Stewie’s plan could get started. Should she mention the dance idea now or later??? Hmmm???

She opted for later. “I do appreciate the lack of gluten goods here…” she proclaimed with a happy smile. Oh joyous day indeed.

Hello!” greeted Simon as he joined the growing crowd in the Greenhouses. He nodded to his boss, peers, and students before standing next to Rosalie.

Do slow down, Miss Nam,” he said. He didn’t want her to trip and fall onto some of the plants. Plus it wasn’t appropriate behaviour to run around like that. They were in a Greenhouse after all. He cast his eyes around the group and noted the two forming groups before trying to stay positive about this beautification project here at the greenhouse.

Simon wasn’t the biggest fan of Herbology or plants. While he enjoyed the wonders they could offer to the world like oxygen, sustenance, potions ingredients, helpful products, etcetera…. He didn’t enjoy getting his hands dirty, have a green thumb, or find gardening mentally stimulating. He preferred crossword puzzles and logic puzzles. However, perhaps this event today would be more like a puzzle to solve.

Do it for June
, he told himself

He turned to Rosalie. “How’s the family?” he asked her, figuring they could talk a little while they waited for more to come.

This is an event, and events are serious business. You're going to the Ball to impress
and amaze with decorum, elegance, and grace.
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