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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post

Tomasz turned, hearing his name, and offered Gabriel a small smile. "Ay, yyy, not so much," he shook his head, before remembering the bracelet he had in hand. Somewhat embarrassed, he quickly put it back on the shelf, though it did not save him from the slight red creeping onto his face. This happened too easily. It only embarrassed him further.

"I am just looking," he followed up to explain. "To pass the time." That is why it was here, no? Or maybe for the visitors. Tomasz hadn't considered this option yet. Why someone would visit the ministry and buy a branded t-shirt was beyond him. The ministry was not so exciting to Tomasz and as a Security Officer, he often saw it at its most urgent and intense. Maybe government was more interesting to some? Politics, he could understand as an interest in some regard.

As if on a delay, Tomasz realized that he ought to ask the question in return to be polite. "Are you here to buy something?" He liked Gabriel. He was nice and humble, the kind of person Tomasz liked to keep in his company. Their runs helped too, otherwise Tomasz was not so good at keeping in touch with his friends. Having the established routine meant there was one less thing to keep track of to do.

To pass the time? That was probably the answer Gabriel least expected. Browsing, doing security things, those were more expected. But then, Tomasz was very different from Gabriel, so it should be expected that he'd do something that Gabriel didn't expect.

So maybe passing the time should have been his expected answer.


Anyway, Gabriel nodded, gesturing toward the jumpers. "My ma's birthday is coming up," he said sheepishly by way of explanation. As though it was normal to get your parent something from your work's gift shop for their birthday. Maybe it was normal? Gabriel didn't know. Maybe he could ask the shop clerk whether most people were doing birthday shopping. Maybe he'd ask Mr. Upstead, even, he'd worked here awhile, Gabriel thought. He'd know things. "Have you seen anything interesting?" he asked Tomasz as he browsed through the jumpers. the store, in work, in life. Just...general interest.
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