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Rosalie didn't mind a bit of gardening - plants certainly had a way of brightening up a place - but greenhouses were not quite her favorite place to spend her time. Still, she wasn't going to miss this. They wouldn't have to remain in the greenhouses for long after all, if the goal was to add them throughout the Hogwarts grounds.

She smiled as she joined her colleagues, the board, and the students that had arrived so far. "Good afternoon, everyone." And this was one of those times where it was both a greeting and also true. It really was a nice day out here. Perfect weather really.

This would certainly be interesting. They'd done some "beautification" work last term with "Healer" Poppy, but that had mostly been focused indoors and for other not-so-good reasons. But Ivy still thought the idea was a good one - y'know, just without the calming draught candles.

And there didn't seem to be any of those here, AND it was focused more outside, so maybe this would be better. The flowers that she could spot already looked really pretty, so this might not be too bad.

Although...she did miss the bread just a little bit. But it was likely for the best that there was none, since they'd probably be getting dirty and what-not trying to plant things anyway.

"Hi, professors," she said, smiling at them, and also giving a polite nod to the board members who were there. She didn't really know them, but she could be polite.

There seemed to be a couple groups of students gathering already, or at least one group and then Emmerson and Mamie, so Ivy decided to join them. "This'll be fun hopefully."
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