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While she'd done plenty of exploring the grounds since she moved in, mostly to check for any creatures who might think her diricawls a nice snack, Mia hadn't been inside the greenhouses yet. But now that the board had arrived with these new plants, she didn't mind a bit of a new adventure. She nodded politely to the board members and other staff in the greenhouse, and smiled at the students who'd already arrived. Some of them seemed to be very interested in the plants. That was good.

"Afternoon," she said to every one and no one. "Y'all couldn't have picked a nicer day to get this project started." She adjusted her sleeves slightly, then slipped her hands into her pockets, checking that her gardening gloves were still there.

All they had to do was say the magic word, help, and Margaret wasn't about to miss the chance to do something productive with her afternoon. Not that flying or homework wasn't productive, but, well, she couldn't spend all her time flying, and homework was boring. Big smile on her face as she got to the greenhouse, her smile faltered a little as she saw Evan, Quinn, and Claudine were standing by Ashley. "Good afternoon, professors," she said politely, thinking about where she should go.

Ash still didn't want to be friends, she was pretty sure, so that meant she couldn't stand by Evan. He'd probably try to make her and Ash be friends again.

So, instead she took a stand over by Emmerson. "Hi," she said softly, feeling a little lost. Maybe once they got started she'd feel less awkward. Or maybe some of her other friends would show up. She shot Evan an apologetic look, she wasn't avoiding him, just Ashley.
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