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Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post

One of the good things about having an office on the sixth floor was its reasonably close proximity to the Ravenclaw common room and the owelry. After making a quick check of the former place, Norman made his way to the latter, a letter to his daughter tucked neatly in the pocket of his robes. If there was one thing hed learned in his two terms teaching at Hogwarts, it was that anything could happen at any time. There was no telling if or when communication to the outside world might be cut off (again!), so he was going to seize every opportunity he had to write to Normandie.

His aquamarine eyes scanned the room in search of a certain perpetually grumpy-looking Northern white-faced owl as he stepped inside. He spotted Athena nestled on a perch at the far side of the room, and he noticed someone else too. Oh, hello, Mia, he greeted, keeping his voice down so as not to startle the owls. Was he interrupting something? He could come back later...
First owl exam complete (totally healthy!), Mia shooed the bird away gently and held out a treat for the next bird. She stroked its head gently, not looking up when she heard someone come in. At the sound of her name, though, she did look. "Oh, hi, Norman," she said with a quiet smile. "Don't mind me, I'm just checking up on the school owls. Making sure they're happy...and, you know, in good mail-delivery condition."

The sheer number of school (and student) owls up here meant she would be here for quite some time, too. She might run out of owl treats. "Are you mailing a letter? Or just visiting?" Not that it was any of her business, mind you, but it would be good to know if Norman was the kind of person who just visited the owlery for fun. Like she did, sometimes.
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