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Default Planting flowers (still playing w/ Eden, will denote separate TLs in future posts)
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Gardening was Quinn's thing. There was no way he would miss out on a school-sanctioned gardening activity. He happily skipped up to the greenhouses, blue bracelet dangling on his wrist. "Hello, Headmaster, Professor Kazmi." He shot Emmerson a condescending look. "Too late," he said as he skipped past, "We're already here."

Quinn's smile returned as he made his way over to Ash, Claudine and Evan. "Hello!" he said, bouncing on the balls of. his feet. It had been a while since he'd done any gardening, so he was maybe a bit too eager for it. He shuddered a bit at Evan's jest. "Ugh, I hope not. I've had enough of calming draught. I just want regular, pretty, non-harmful flowers."
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