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Seeing the notice in the Ravenclaw commons had given Evan pause, because they last time he'd gotten involved in a School Beautification project, he'd been unknowingly assisting in drugging the castle with calming draught - and this time around there wasn't even bread as an incentive. But then he remembered this was going to be his fun year, and while perhaps this would not be considered... fun, it was an excuse to hang out with more of his peers that he probably hadn't had much opportunity to even get to know before.

So he was here, heading into Greenhouse one and seeing the small collection of people already gathered. He could hear Emmerson's words about the House Cup and blocking the door from Ravenclaws, so he said a soft "Too late" as he entered. The Board Members then got a collective polite nod before he turned to offer his greetings to the faculty already gathered. "Hello, Headmaster. Professor Kazmi." He didn't bother with any attempt at pleasantries or small talk, it was not his forte. And despite not really knowing her, Evan offered a greeting to Cambridge as well, "Hi Emmerson" before taking his leave to head towards Claudine and Ash. People he did already know and was far more comfortable with.

The other Ravenclaw and the Slytherin got a small smile from him as he approached. "Hi guys. Think the plants also will have calming draught mixed in?" It was honestly an attempt at humor, as he didn't think the same thing would happen twice but he tried to keep his comment low anyways to keep the board from hearing it.

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