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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ashley "Ash" C. Fox
Fourth Year

Ash was here(against her better judgement). Did she like gardening? Not really... Did she like the board? Absolutely not. Did she like Trent? nope. Did she like Cambridge, who was currently telling Trent to make the house cup biased? NO. But... some of her friends would be here, and she heard there were refreshments. It wasn’t mandatory either, which meant going was probably okay. And she needed the fresh air and sunlight... whatever. The point was, Ashley Fox was here and she fully expected everything to go wrong.

She walked over to Trent, trying to make her face resemble something like a smile. It really ended up as a frown. She never smiled at him. “Hello Headmaster. I love those flowers.” She did NOT like the board members. If there was something wrong with these flowers, she’d never forgive them. She really did love flowers.

She walked towards the flowers and looked at all of them. Cool. Pretty. Etc. Her real reason for walking away was so that she could stop hearing Cambridge. Also because she wanted someone to tell her what to do with the flowers. She wasn’t a gardener or anything.
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