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Finally Remy let her aggravation slide, because in all fairness to Ash, she had gotten her good. Her ego was just tooooooo big sometimes. “You’d think I’d be used to ghosts by now!” Being at Hogwarts and all, they were everywhere. Remy was pretty creeped out by them, though. She was often creeped out by many things, although mostly muggle things. Candy that could burn your tongue - who knew they were that advanced!!

Are you enjoying being back?” Remy asked courteously, noticing that Ash seemed in much brighter spirits than she was last term. The Gryffindor certainly was enjoying herself so far. She felt much more at home and a sense of belonging since retiring her firstie status.

You’ve never played Exploding Snap before?!” Honestly Remy didn’t play it much either, she mostly just enjoyed the explosions. “You have to match cards…” simple enough. “Quickly, though, because eventually they explode.” At least that was the way that she played it anyway.

Remy walked over to retrieve a pack of cards.

Ash disillusioned herself and switched chairs so that it looked like she teleported. Then she reappeared. Had she learned that spell just so that she could do that? Nooooo, of course not. Maybe. Yes. Possibly. “Yeah, there are lots of ghosts around here. In my first year, I got possessed by one! It was crazy.” And then there was the arson part, which she was not going to mention. They were playing EXPLODING Snap... she didn’t want Remy to decide that she couldn’t play with her.

“Hm? Oh, being back is alright. This has been the best year for me so far.” Which was good, because the bar was LOW. “I’m... feeling a lot better than I did last year.” She wasn’t doing amazing, but what mattered was that she was getting better and not worse. “You?”

Ash eagerly leaned forward. She was excited for the explosions! And... she was also excited that someone... anyone... wanted to play a game with her. She very rarely got the chance. “I usually play muggle games, since muggles are usually the only ones who like to play games with me.” Anyway... “Sounds like something I’d be good at. Let’s play!”
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