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Default Adventures in Madrid

Summer of 2105, following the graduation of one Qetsiyah Renzler and an early drop out from Jermaine Orleans - previous Beauxbatons students, the two decided to start a new adventure together. There was little debate on to the fact they'd be moving on together, but the big question had been to where and in Jermaine's case, to what.

However, Madrid presented itself as an option. And neither of them having really been before, the couple decided to choose Madrid as their next adventure together - Qets in tournaments and practicing for her boarding, and Jermaine for ironically flight school. Follow their adventures as they start this journey together, and see what highs and lows they encounter on the way.

Jermaine Orleans - Chelliephone
Qetsiyah Renzler - Kolyander

ooc: This is a closed RP, following the life of Qets and Jer.
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