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Originally Posted by NiallNIP View Post
Quinn rolled their eyes. Why couldn't Eden just like normal plants that didn't actively try to kill her? "Regular plants are super cool, actually. You just don't have the patience for them. And the only reason we're alive right now is because plants make their own food. They are the originators of food. Plants that need to eat things are not as cool because they're almost like regular animals at that point. Why would you eat food when you could just make it? It seems counterintuitive." They sighed, coming off their rant. "But there are Fanged Geraniums at the back."

Quinn grimaced. "I, uh... I'm alright. I usually like my tomato with other things. Like pasta. Or a sandwich. Or a salad. You know. How normal people eat them. Sometimes I feel like you're just trying to get a rise out of me with the stuff you eat," they said, turning back to the daffodils and watering another section, causing a little uproar of honks.

"Okay, I was aware that eating raw potatoes would upset your stomach, but I figured either you weren't or you simply didn't care. I wouldn't put it past you," they said with an accusatory point. But if they weren't raw... "Wait, so...what kind of potatoes do you have?"
Eden took a peppery bite of her tomato while Quinn went on about plants. Mission successful.

She was just hopping off her stool to go inspect these fanged geraniums her friend spoke of, snack still in hand, when Quinn came for her eating habits for what felt like the billionth time. Eden laughed. "Do you think our ancestors just whipped up fresh pasta and sauce every time they were hungry and saw a tomato?" She tapped her temple with the same hand she held her salt and pepper in. "You wouldn't say anything if it was an apple. A tomato is even technically a fruit."

Aw. The honks were cute. Maybe Eden would actually help more often if the plants stayed cute and interesting.

The finger pointed at her earned them a dramatic eyebrow raise. "One, get your hand out my face," Eden gestured with her eyeballs at the offending finger. "Two, they're au gratin. I made them last night."
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