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Originally Posted by 2111jen View Post
Austin nodded and looked around a bit to see what else was here. He could remember a lot of owls that were at the meet and greet. But there was one that stood out to him. The owl was black (grey?) and speckled. It stood out to him cos he heard him or her barking instead of a hoot or other bird call. Also, it didn't hurt that Austin also liked the coloring too. "Yes actually," Austin said. He pointed at the one that he was talking about, the one that kept barking. "What's that one?" He hoped the answer wasn't too obvious.
Seeing the young man nod his head, Col smiled warmly. "Wonderful, wonderful. Please, by all means take your time and have a look around. I'll be just a minute. Let me put these things on the shelf where they belong and I will be right back to help you." When he meant it would take only a minute or so, he meant it. As the shelf in mention was right there by where the two men were currently standing.

Taking a few more steps forward and bending down, Colwyn carefully began to arrange the items in arms onto the shelf before once more raising to his feet. "Sorry about that. A man's work is never done around the shop," he chuckled lightly rejoining Austin to have a look at the owl in question. Blue eyes took in the gorgeous owl in the cage before him and he smiled. "This is a young female Barking Owl given that name due to the different range of calls that they can make." She was a lovely owl in deed and very sweet too.
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