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Originally Posted by Bryn View Post
No digging. Thanks be to whatever ruled the cosmos. She looked down at her navy-black ombre nails in relief. As for the sass? "Plan A is no limb loss. Plan B is no limb loss with extra steps."

She also pulled up a stool and set her watering tin down on the ground. It was good when Quinn got to rambling about the plants. Less time for labor. Before Quinn could even question what she was doing, Eden pulled a whole raw tomato out of her bag as well as a potions vial filled with salt and pepper mixed together. "Does it eat? I have potatoes too." She didn't know how to treat a regular daffodil, either.

She tilted her head to the side as she watched her friend effortlessly care for the plants. Maybe she was just here for moral support? Fine with her.
Quinn laughed and rolled their eyes. "Solid plans. A solider one might be to not put yourself in a situation to get your limbs ripped off, but that's just a thought."

Their brows furrowed at Eden's comment. "N—um, what? No, they don't eat, they make their own food, Eden. They're... they're plants. You know. Photosynthesis? And what do you mean too—" Their voice cut out as they turned around to Eden, watching her with her raw tomato and salt and pepper.

They simply stared for a moment, saying nothing. They shouldn't be shocked by Eden's eating habits by now, but somehow she always managed to outdo herself. It was impressive in the worst way. "Are. Are you going to put salt and pepper on a raw tomato. And eat it like an apple." It was phrased like a question but it was not asking. Because Quinn knew the answer. They wish they didn't. "Do.... you also have raw potatoes." They knew the answer again.
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