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Was she preening a little bit from people praising the event and her for bringing name tags? Most definitely. This was going even better than she could have hoped. She was going to be the COOLEST person in school at this rate.

"I'll sit once I get these all handed out," she told Matilda, offering a name tag to her. Lydia knew her own sister's name, of course, but everyone else deserved to know it to. And to remember it. Matilda deserved to be remembered!

And then there was a girl with pink hair (Lisa)! Wow! Did they allow that at this school? Pink hair? That was really cool. She NEEDED to know this girl's name, but then she was immediately distracted by the arrival of-

Zo! Lydia was thrilled that her dormmate was joining them and had taken a name tag. "Of course you can sit with us!" Maybe she'd technically asked Matilda, but Lydia assumed her sister would say the same thing. Zo was great, and Matilda was great, so Lydia was sure they'd get along just fine.

Another second year had arrived, and Lydia grinned, holding out a name tag for her. "Nice to meet you, Haven! I'm Lydia. Maybe you could show us around the kitchen some time?" Since she was obviously knowledgeable about it. Lydia was tempted to ask about the common room too, because she wanted to sneak into all of them at some point, but...maybe best to save that request for later?

And she VERY MUCH liked this Victoria girl who was also a Slytherin like her. "Thanks! You just go by V?" That was pretty neat, having a letter for a nickname. Lydia might consider trying that herself, but L didn't seem as cool as V. A was a little better, but that was her first name, and she didn't WANT to go by that name now. So no one-letter nickname for her.

Anyway, she smiled as the Jasper boy took a name tag, and then Pabu was ALSO complimenting her on her idea. "Yeah, I thought it might help! Especially if a lot of people show up." And so far it was looking pretty good on that front. Er, wait...he'd put his name tag on upside down. She briefly considered not saying anything, because it was kinda funny, BUT she would be a good friend instead. At least this time. "I think you might wanna double check your name tag though."

Wait...a boyfriend? V and the Jasper boy? That was SO grown-up and cool. WOW.

But also the pink-haired girl looked and sounded just as surprised when she said, though Lydia missed any of the other feelings there. Instead she just added, "That's so cute!"
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