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He was keeping his eye on the amount of people showing, slowly counting them all as he came. Considering his first 'icebreaker', because yes he had actually researched trust building exercises - the nerdiest thing he'd probably ever done, needed multiples of three he was waiting to get started until there was more people. At least to the point where he could just... not participate while everyone else did. That might have been easier anyways. Though really... it still seemed like they were getting a good turn out which made him very pleased.

Lydia was the next one to show up, and bringing along name tags was literally genius so he BEAMED at her as he moved to grab one and a muggle pen as well. Which... he was used to quills so he did struggle with the lid for a minute before getting it off and writing 'PABU' in letters across and sticking it on his shirt. Not at all noticing he'd done it upside down. "Thanks, Lydia! This is a great idea! That way we don't all have to remember so many names right off the bat." Because names could be really hard for him, so personally feeling very supported by her idea.

He was pretty confident too the boat would float, which was why he'd offered it to Matilda in the first place. But he liked the fact she had the same confidence, so Pabu just smiled back at her and nodded. "I agree! And yeah Nik, sit! Or get some cookies and then sit. The house elves helped me put them together." His new best friends. He was already planning on making them model versions of some of the kitchenware as thank yous for around Christmas time.

He opened his mouth to talk more to people but then.... got... super distracted by the most VIBRANT hair he'd ever seen (Lisa). He wasn't sure if she was a first or second year or maybe even older (as word certainly seemed to spread) but .... he wondered how they hadn't noticed her before with such BRIGHT hair? And also... did she just say.... "Did you use the word spiffy?" He was going to guess she was a really short seventh year. Because only OLD people said that, right? "Oh but uh... thank you." Because the polite thing to do. Though befriending seventh years was kind of a waste of time. They were LEAVING after the first year. 4th and 5th years were the ideal mentor age, because they could show all the ropes AND still be around for a bit longer. The sweet spot.

And even more people!! His ego was just growing more and more with every new arrival, and he certainly hoped Niko and Lydia's were too as he shot a giant grin their way. "Hi Zoe, hi Haven! I'm Pabu, first year Gryffindor." In case anyone else hadn't known his house yet either. Though... quite a few of them were in his house already so he figured they had been aware. New people might not have been. "Thanks for coming. Sit wherever you want and get comfy and help yourself to food."

The older girl with a letter for a name mentioned how HIS sounded like an animal, and he just nodded his head. "There's an old cartoon with a fire ferret with my name." A FIRE ferret. How COOL did that sound? Why wouldn't he want to go by a name associated with that? And now he was in a house that was represented by RED which seemed even more fitting. He really should design his own coat of arms now. Hearing the questions for cookies, he pointed towards the sheet - which maybe he should have found something colored. "Over there, your boyfriend (Jasper) just went to grab some." Because talking so familiarly like that was flirting right? So they were TOGETHER?

Or maybe he was just feeling like there wasn't enough chaos yet so he was... stirring the pot.

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