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Default So, idk if I'm allowed to do this but I'll wing it and see what happens
Stay Free

SPOILER!!: Shopkeeper

Despite the sound of all the owls in the shop, Col heard someone entering the
shop and paused what he was doing, arms loaded with items that he was putting out onto the shelves. Headed right towards him was a young man he recognized from one of the meet and greets, they had spoken briefly. "Hello, have you given it some more thought about getting an owl?" That was why he was here at the shop this afternoon, yes?

Austin nodded and looked around a bit to see what else was here. He could remember a lot of owls that were at the meet and greet. But there was one that stood out to him. The owl was black (grey?) and speckled. It stood out to him cos he heard him or her barking instead of a hoot or other bird call. Also, it didn't hurt that Austin also liked the coloring too.
"Yes actually," Austin said. He pointed at the one that he was talking about, the one that kept barking. "What's that one?" He hoped the answer wasn't too obvious.

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