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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post

Ash stepped back and raised an eyebrow. Her trick had the intended effect, and she thankfully avoided an elbow to the nose. She smiled a bit. Dont mind me, Remy. Im just putting the universe back in balance. She allowed her smile to turn into a grin as she took a seat nearby. Im sure it was funny, but Im feeling kind so I wont laugh. You know I was considering disillusioning myself, but that seemed a bit cruel. And in hindsight, that was the right idea. The girl Remy was seeing was Ash 2.0, who apparently had self-control. She relaxed in her chair. What are you doing here?
Ashs comment and lack of guilt confirmed that it probably was a revenge thing after all. She was waiting for an apology but it did not seem like that was coming. HMPTHHH okay. Well, at least I dont have to feel bad about when we first met anymore. Remy smoothed her hair down as if it had been ruffled. In fact it had been quite messy the whole time.

Eventually Remy just shrugged it off coolly. You can laugh if you want. She didnt CARE. Besides its a natural reaction to jump like that because, you know Of course Ash knew. Never know what dangers lie here. One minute you were enjoying your school year and the next you find out your bread has been POISONED.

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