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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Did Apollo want to be tutored? Not really, but he also didn't really want to just scrape by in history class. Cause apparently it was a subject deemed mandatory and important. Why did they have to remember random facts anyway?

He also low-key wanted to speak with Maya about a certain dormmate of hers that was acting weird. So under the guise of studying and prepping for history of magic lessons, Apollo found armchairs by the fireplace to wait for Maya.
The library was probably Maya's favorite place in the entire castle. Being able to tutor in it only made it that much better. The Slytherin was always quite cheerful when it came to teaching others. And so, Maya Nam entered the library, hair tied up high in a ponytail and arms filled with books and parchment, as she went to meet with Apollo.

She glanced around the library and resisted the urge to go between all the stacks. Instead, she headed towards the tables, spotting Apollo already there by the fireplace. Oh? She was used to being the first one there and this caught her a bit off guard. Still, she turned slightly in his direction and took a seat at the armchair across from him. "Hi Apollo," she greeted, placing the books carefully on the table to avoid a loud thump. "Ready for some tutoring?" she asked, her eyes sparkling with excitement.
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