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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Ash wanted to have fun today. Surprise...

She was headed towards the arcade area again, and this time it wasn’t because she was worried about the future of the school. It was because she wanted to play a game. Games. She didn’t play games very often, because why would she? First year, too stressed. Second year... being monitored by a cult was not a good time to play games. Third year? She was too miserable and angry to have any sort of fun. Which was sad. But now it was fourth year. Everything was okay. She could relax for a bit. Which was WHY she was here.

As she entered the arcade area, she spotted Remy. Standing with her back turned. So she crept up behind her, careful to make no noise. Was Ash going to feel bad about this? Probably. She whispered in Remy’s ear. Ooh. I’m a ghost. Sorry, Remy. At least wasn’t going to laugh if the other girl got scared. She just wanted to make a point.
Remy had quickly decided that she wanted to play to Exploding Snap, but again, it needed a partner, and there was no one here that she had met properly before. Strangely she felt too awkward to ask anyone, even though they were all likely here for the same reason. Her hands dropped to her side and she sighed heavily, choosing to go somewhere else instead.

Before doing so, she felt a sudden presence nearby and a whispering in her ear that sent a shiver down her spine. Thinking it was a REAL ghost, Remy shrieked and leaped about 3 inches away from said being. “Ahhhh!!” Upon seeing Ash, Remy regulated her breath and frowned hard, suddenly remembering their very first encounter where Remy had done exactly this.

That probably explained why Ash did such a thing, and she couldn’t get mad about that really. “Very funny.” She commented through gritted teeth, but finished to with a smile, because again… she deserved it.

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