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4. Older by Sasha Sloan

I swore I'd never be like them
But I was just a kid back then
The older I get the more that I see
My parents aren't heroes, they're just like me
And loving is hard, it don't always work
You just try your best not to get hurt
I used to be mad but now I know
Sometimes it's better to let someone go

“You remind me of him more every day.” Normally this would warrant a scoff, but if there was anyone who could get away with saying whatever they wanted without sass from her, it was Cyril Amstern.

“... really?” The question was quiet; hesitant.

“We had quite the arguments about not wanting to leave me when your Grandmum passed. But Kimberly, I’ll tell you the same thing I told him. No parent wants to see their child put their life on hold. Go to New York.”

She nodded, and tears fell. But she couldn’t tell if they were sadness… or relief.

We all shine on, like moon and the stars and the sun. We all shine.

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