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Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Slowing to a stop again, Milo stood in place and stared vaguely around, eyes skipping from one mirror to the next.

One thing he could be sure of: this wasn't impossible. An impossible thing couldn't happen because that would automatically make it possible, and impossible was for closed minds in any case. Milo turned the issue over in his head, soon arriving at the conclusion that finding the owner of the voice was difficult only because they both seemed to be moving around. Even in such a small shop, they could hypothetically keep this up forever and never find the other. But technically it still wouldn't be an impossibility, even then. Possible things didn't happen all the time.

So Milo stayed stood where he was, and waited and watched instead, head tilted and fingers flexing smoothly at his sides. This method bore fruit very quickly, and he soon saw his quarry back in the direction of the unsettling mirror-that-wasn't. Regardless, he backtracked and walked up behind her, not entirely meaning to sneak but doing so anyway, socked feet all but soundless on the shop floor.

Stopping a little way behind her, Milo waited until the girl called out - giving him confirmation that this was indeed Mitsuki, and not another shop-wanderer - before replying at normal volume. "Finding you." He still didn't say his name. Introducing himself to the back of someone's head seemed almost as ill-advised as introducing himself to a disembodied voice.

It was a good thing that they both had not come to this conclusion and both resolved to stand still, much like she used to be instructed by dad whenever he took her and her siblings to the supermarket and they inevitably darted off in different directions from one another. Just stay still and dad would eventually come to collect you.

It was even more than just his socked feet muffling his approach as Mitsuki had taken to lightly tap tap tapping on a mirror or two in case her little specter was hiding within one of them. Suddenly, the voice was less disembodied and more well as close. Almost as though...

"EEEK!" she squeaked, the apparition seeming to manifest himself out of no where and right behind her. She was so spooked that she dropped the mirror she had been holding right to the floor, jelly side down, and heard a rather unsavory crunch and crack as the mirror unmistakably cracked and most likely shattered. Even more pleasantly eerie was this 'finding you' statement. Had her little specter been searching and waiting for her? For how long? " gave me a fright!" Mitsuki scolded and pointed down to the broken mirror on the floor.

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