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With Reagan and Keighley already off with their friends, Jude set off to find himself a compartment. Or a compartment with any of his friends or cousins, whichever came first. He made his way down the corridor, peeking at the faces that had already made themselves at home. There were some familiar faces and Jude waved to them as he passed by. He continued to head for the back of the train and actually almost passed Evan. Jude quickly did a double take and saw that the fourth year was engrossed in a book.

The Hufflepuff hesitated. Despite the fact that the door was open, the last thing he wanted to be was a nuisance. His eyes shifted around, looking for the excuse in the form of little Pads so that he could enter the compartment. Unfortunately for him, there was no sign of the kitten. Jude’s gaze shifted back to Evan, his heart beginning to race at the same time. A second later, he had made his decision. The boy lifted a knuckle to knock on the door. “H-hi, Evan. Mind i-if I join you?”

Great. Did he have to stutter? And why did it only have to be in front of Evan?

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