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Sometimes he found himself in disbelief that he was capable of making Chloe blush. Sometimes during those sometimes he reminded himself that their dynamic may have taken its sweet time coming to fruition, but the undertones had always been there. Sometimes during those sometimes he also sometimes remembered how easily she could make his face explode like ashwinder fire from the simplest of glances and, therefore, it was only fair that he have some pull over the color in her cheeks. Today, however, was none of these sometimes. Rather he felt so natural and, dare he think it, in his element that the public displays of affection he all too often shied away from were of comfort.

"It's been ages since I've used them," he mused to himself as he situated himself beside his girlfriend. A gesture that was rather short lived considering he was on fetching duty. "Plenty of mallads about the lake today...I'll teach the lot of you their call if we can keep Clara from them." Seeing as their home was right smack on the sanctuary, there had been a fair bit of intensive obedience training with Clara so that a peaceful coexistence with their rescue menagerie was possible...but, creature were creatures and not always entirely predictable. Especially with enthusiasm was high - which was the case now as the pup-but-not-a-puppy rolled in the grass with their daughter. "Be back in a jiffy then," he grinned with an unnecessary added wink before flopping on to his side, pulling his legs in towards his chest so he formed a ball, and began rolling towards the duo. This, of course, was accompanied by some high pitch squeaks to complete his Derf-sized pygmy puff impression.

'Pygmy puff piles' on daddy were a favorite pastime, after all.

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