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Scene One
September 1st, 2105 - Train Ride to Hogwarts
Beginning of Evan's Fourth Year, Jude's Third.

Had summer gone too quickly? Or too slowly? Now that he wasn't dreading returning to school as much as he'd been the year previous, Evan found he was almost looking forward to the new term. Something that felt so foreign, despite the fact for his first and second terms he'd been very excited at the start of them. But he was still going to miss Noah and his cousins. He often wished he was older so they'd been at school at the same time, but... it was probably better he was with his sister's instead.

Heading onto the train after he said his goodbye's, he bid his sisters a 'see you later' while they went off in search of their own friends and he found himself an empty compartment towards the back. They were heading TO school, which meant he always migrated to the back for the sake of the First Years.

He left the door to his compartment open, not opposed to company or silence, and pulled out a fiction book he'd been making his way through all summer. It wasn't his preferred genre, but sometimes switching it up was necessary.

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