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SPOILER!!: Sereeeeeenaaaa
Originally Posted by Deezerz View Post
Serena was about to respond the same as Jasper had to the shopkeeper when she remembered she was a mirror at the moment. Rest assured, shopkeeper, there was going to be no running from this redhead.


What was wrong with her mirror voice? Serena frowned and massaged her throat, then stepped out from behind the mirror. Ugh. There he was. SMUG like always. She folded her OWN arms and frowned instead of smiling.

"There is nothing wrong with my mirror voice," she said. "At least, I have a mirror voice." A lame comeback, but she didn't have anything else. He ruined her spooky surprise.

Maybe there wouldn't be any running now, but Jasper was not above challenging her to a race later.

And there she was FROWNING. Not many people frowned when faced with Jasper Botros, so he kind of liked. It was fun. "I have a mirror voice too," he answered immediately though he did not, in fact, have a mirror voice. If persuaded, he could likely make one up on the spot. So it wasn't anything to fret about. His mirror voice would probably be real good too, he was certain.

In any case, "Aren't you supposed to practice smiling?" For quidditch friend reasons. Jas was taking his coaching gig very seriously, as you could see.

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