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Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post
It was once again time to work on restocking her sweets supply for the next term.

Sugar quills and chocolate frogs were the main focus, but she would be adding some sherbert drops too, thanks to Evan. Ivy very much enjoyed those now too. They still didn't match the sugar quills, which were her favorite, but they were still really good, and it was nice to have a little bit of variety.

After selecting a number of each and dropping them into her basket, she paused by the fudge section. Hmm. Maybe she should bring some of that home too? Mum and Sage would probably like it, and Mum and Dad had given her enough money for it. Hmmmm...
Even though Jasper had told her NOT to bring anything, Lisa Nam was not going to show up empty handed to her friend’s birthday party. She had already mailed him the gift (via owl, of course) but she thought it’d be nice to bring som sweets over to the party. It was something she had overheard her eldest cousin scolding Noah about when he was headed over to Aboli’s house.

Chin-hae always knew manners. Of course, he was right.

And Lisa didn’t want to get scolded for arriving empty handed so she headed to Sugarplums. She figured this would be a dual purpose visit- the first to get a gift for the Botros’ and the second to restock her stash.

She began by checking out all the candy locations, trying to figure out what exactly to purchase for Jasper. It was a shame that she didn’t remember his favourite candy. She pouted but that pout was soon replaced by a wide grin when she saw Ivy up ahead.

Pan!!” she cried and rushed over to her friend, ignoring the other customers that she almost tripped over with her excitement. She did yell a Sorry behind her. “How’s your summer? Got any good recommendations on sweets?

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