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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post

Ash walked very very slowly towards the door. One, two. One, two. One... "I mean, I guess she found out when I got back. Before, she just assumed that I was at a fancy boarding school. But then we couldn't hide it, so..." She shrugged. "My family is notorious for hiding things though." I mean, they were very high-profile, and with at least one magical kid. They needed to hide things. Even so, Ash was pretty sure that her father kept some secrets for fun. He seemed to be very good at it... Ash stopped in her tracks and looked up. Bad decision. She looked back down again. "I bet my father is a squib. Or related to one." It would make sense. At least one magical child, but not a wizard? Wasn't surprised to see that, mostly just upset? Good at keeping secrets? Never talking about his family? It really did make sense. She'd have to look into that.

"I guess she'll figure it out at some point. That she can't make me her daughter until I let her. And I guess I'll figure out living with her. At some point."

She looked at Evan as bravely she could, trying and failing to not look in the mirrors. She could only manage it for a few seconds, long enough to make eye contact but not long enough to hold onto it. "Oh." She was still very sorry. He might not be sad about the same things, but if she hadn't been talking about her own problems, he wouldn't have thought of his. It was no use mentioning it though. Evan would just be sadder if she apologized more. She could keep her guilt to herself. Because then he would be happy and that was what she wanted.

Ash understood why Evan wouldn't want a calming draught. Personally, she didn't mind taking them occasionally... as long as she knew she was taking one. So she very much hoped that the shopkeeper really had a calming draught and wasn't just asking to be polite. "I'm sorry for walking into your mirror store on accident." Not that this situation would be any better if she came in here on purpose(let's be real).

She sniffled and let out a quick laugh. "I like her shoes. Lisa is adorable." Liquid sunshine pretending to be a person. Which was the opposite of Ash. Ash was more like pessimism in human form. She didn't know how they became friends, but she wasn't gonna question it. Not out loud, anyway.
He was fine with allowing Ash to set the pace in which she wanted to exit, so as she began to take slow steps towards the exit, he matched his own stride to hers. Slow, steady steps. One, Two. "Why couldn't you hide it?" Not that he thought it was a good idea to hide it, having not known about Noah for five whole years he knew he was a wizard. He was merely curious about the circumstances in which made it that they had to tell her about Ash's magical abilities. He... had never really considered that, that there was probably magic somewhere in the blond line even if his parents had not been. He paused next to her, contemplating that for his own family. "Is that how it works? I wonder if someone in above generations was also magic somewhere in my family..." It would make sense. All four children magic, and his cousins were mixed in magical abilities or not.

Was there an easy way to trace the magic? He'd have to add that to his research list.

"Just let it happen when is good for you. She can deal with it if it takes you some time. No one should force you to accept something you aren't ready to." If only someone had told that to his Dad as well.

He understood the sacrifice she'd made by trying to look up, and red eyes or not he did his best to offer her a small smile in appreciation at the attempt. He was fine. Ignore him and his emotions. He liked to try to pretend he didn't have those anyways most of the time. He wasn't crazy about the fact Ash had seen any of his, but also he was sure she wasn't crazy about him having seen her vulnerable. So really, it kind of balanced out by his logic. "Yeah."

Lisa was really cute. Evan was obviously fond of his sister, both of them really. He wished Maya had made as many friends as the youngest Nam, but then again he hadn't either and she probably thought the same. "She's very full of life." And he meant that in a good way.

The Shopkeeper seemed really nice, so the Ravenclaw forced another smile as she offered her own apology about the store being upsetting. Wasn't her fault in the slightest, but he appreciated an adult trying to be understanding so he was prone to like her based off of that. "Thank you, we will."

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