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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
The boy needed to stop worrying where she was concerned. Waiting a couple of minutes wasn't all that big of a deal. There was far worse things that could've taken place and they both knew that. Thankfully nothing like that was the case and all was well.

Lia noticed rather quickly that smile on Evan's face and the way that he was kinda bouncing a little in the same way that she was now that he was breathing normally again. It made her giggle just a little and smile all the more. Happiness really could be contagious and it was a wonderful thing! Now she had been expecting him to respond with something, anything but of course he would answer the way he had. It was Evan. "My favorite? This is supposed to be your trip." Cue more laughter.

"If that's really what you want to do though, we can do that. I hope you're ready for a long day filled with lots of fun!" With that, Lia held out a wrist band. "Our tickets. It's easier to wear them an a cute little keepsake. My sister got them ahead of time. So are we ready?" Heads inside so they can show the receptionist their tickets and head to the staircase and go inside!

A problem he was experiencing was that he couldn't stop worrying when it concerned her. It was a problem, something he was working on. Day's like today probably did not help, but he found he was still powerless to have bowed out of it when he'd been so looking forward to the event. But it was fine, all was fine. They'd have a ton of fun today, and he'd continue opening up to more people and making more friends and then maybe it would be easier to stop worrying.

That was the plan.

But it would start tomorrow.

The laughter made the smile remain, and he gave a small shrug of his shoulders. He was interested in what her favorite part of the zoo was though! And it seemed the best starting point, both from out of his own interest and efficiency. "It's our trip, and I don't know the zoo well enough to have a place picked to start. So starting at your favorite where you're probably most familiar and working through the most well known parts of the zoo first seems efficient!" He'd keep the other reasonings to himself.

So yes though, that was what he wanted to do. "I'm absolutely ready for that." He accepted the wristband, securing it around his wrist. "What do I owe your sister?" Because he certainly didn't want her to be out anything for them getting to do this. At the question of were they ready, he nodded his head and flashed a thumbs up. "Let's go!"

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