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Originally Posted by LilFox06 View Post
Misa grinned a bit. "Good. This means we can do nails and hair some time." That was when the best conversations happened. There was a certain amount of bonding that was only possible during makeovers.

She nodded, a little disappointed as well. It would have been so nice to be helpful.


"Where does he live? I wonder if he's got some of her old stuff around?" Misa was in Japan a lot this summer and could easily make the trip or organize the trip for Miyu.
Miyu inspected her nails briefly. "I've never polished my nails before." It was more of a realization than anything else, and she didn't know if she felt more sad or indifferent about it. More indifferent, but she didn't necessarily hate the idea of painting her nails. "Do my hair? What would we do? I've dyed it before...but nothing drastic. Maybe I WILL go pink one day," she said as an almost eeeeeevil grin grew on her face.

You know, as if the thought of pink hair was EVIL.

"So...I'm from Kyoto," she admitted. She didn't think she had ever told Misa that, but there it was. "We lived in a tiny apartment in a tiny complex. He lived in a neighboring's how my mother and his daughter grew to be friends once at school. He lives in Ayabe," she made a face, but didn't say anything else. She didn't remember as much from her childhood in Japan as she would have liked. "And I don't know if I'm ready to go back yet. Not without Grayson," she sighed, looking down at the rubbish bin.

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